Quality Furniture Restoration in Binghamton, NY

Do you own aged furniture that you're just not ready to give up? Let the specialists here at Old World Refinishers provide you with full restoration services for a price that's affordable on almost any budget.

Our staff has years of experience and the expertise to ensure you'll always receive the highest quality in both workmanship and customer service.

We'll restore your furniture in 5 easy steps

1. Stripping: We use the patented Chem Clean stripping system that removes the old finish without the use of heat or water. This unique process does not raise the grain or effect glue joints and is safe for all veneers.

2. Finish Preparation: Each piece is sanded, paying close attention to the removal of stains and blemishes caused by years of use.

3. Repairing: If it's wood, we can repair it! Our repair room is backed by a full service cabinet shop, allowing us to rebuild any piece of furniture

4. Staining: Custom color matching of any piece of furniture. We can match 1 piece or part of a piece to the remaining pieces in a set.

5. Finishing: The finest grades of finish are used to meet your requirements. High quality lacquer, polyurethane lacquer, varnish, paint, or conversion varnish are all applied to meet the service requirements of the finished piece.

Kitchens: we refinish kitchen cabinets to the same exacting standards that we use in our furniture refinishing.

Let's get your project started today! Call 607-724-9343 for your FREE estimate.